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Boardroom Tables

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Boardrooms often need to be multifunctional in their use. Sometimes used for formal meetings, for internal training and other times multimedia presentations. Whether you need a standard table or a custom made masterpiece or whether you require high tech equipment to give you the edge, Interior Solutions can assist you in creating the versatile and functional meeting room that best suits your business needs.


Interior Solutions range of standard designs meeting tables cater for various tastes and needs but sometimes it is necessary for us to custom manufacture tables and matching storage units to satisfy specific requirements.

Looking for a Unique Modern Executive Boardroom Table?

Interior Solutions have various boardroom table ranges offered in many different sizes and finishes, some of which come with servers and wall units to match. In addition we offer power voice and data docks incorporated within the tables to assist with presentations and also have specialized fridge units so entertaining is made that much easier.Call [...]

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